LPD Report All-LPD Team

First let me say that no matter how you pick these kids, somebody gets left off that's deserving. This is just my opinion based on games I've seen this year and in NO WAY may reflect bad upon anyone who didn't make it, because it's just my opinion....doesn't make it right or wrong. :-) First Team Offense SE Brad Ramey 5'10 150 Sr Clintwood (Super set of hands) SE Anthony Gray 5'9 170 Jr Coeburn (Can play anywhere on the field) TE Eric Burke 6'3 190 Sr Coeburn (Good deep threat for a TE) TE Josh Warren 6'5 232 Sr Powell Valley (Imposing figure on the line) OT Kelvin Davis 6'4 281 Jr Powell Valley (Bright future with good attitude) OT Brad Stidham 6'3 255 Sr Burton (Good D1 AA prospect) OG Brian Chandler 6'1 235 Sr Powell Valley (1st year at guard was a hit) OG Darby Yonce 6'0 210 Sr Powell Valley (Quick feet make him an excellent puller) OG Barry Honaker 5'9 190 Jr Clintwood (VERY strong player) OC Luke Gilley 5'10 220 Sr Powell Valley (Excellent leader) Ath Matt McCoy 5'9 185 Sr Powell Valley (Super all around football player) Ath Jazz Coleman 5'9 170 Burton (Explosive player in the open field) QB Brandon Green 6'1 180 Sr Clintwood (Just a steady QB & great leader) RB Reggie Sensabaugh 6'0 212 Sr Burton (One man wrecking crew) RB Julius Jones 6'0 185 Sr Powell Valley (Nothing I can say that's not been said) RB Jason Nixon 6'2 210 Jr Coeburn (Great power & good speed) PK Chris Papst 6'7 210 Sr Appalachia (Super leg on this guy) KR Justin Hamilton 6'3 195 So Clintwood (brings the crowd to it's feet) First Team Defense DL Shea Chapman 6'1 260 Sr Powell Valley (Cat quick & fast for his size) DL Quinn Smith 6'4 265 Sr Burton (Stronger than the average bear) DL Brad Honaker 5'9 190 Jr (Good run stopper) DL Matt Coughlin 6'1 210 Sr Powell Valley (Tough player) DL Josh Warren 6'5 232 Sr Powell Valley (Tough to throw over) LB Keith Davis 6'0 205 Powell Valley (Crushing hitter) LB Derrick Hubbard 6'0 185 Pound (Always around the ball) LB Matt McCoy 5'9 185 Sr Powell Valley (Great open field tackler) LB Don Dorton 6'0 215 Sr Powell Valley (Hard nosed football player) DB Josh Callahan 6'0 165 Jr Powell Valley (7 ints. on the year) DB Brandon Cantrell 5'10 165 Jr Pound (Good corner) DB Justin Hamilton 6'3 195 So Clintwood (Hard hitting DB with great hands) DB Julius Jones 6'0 185 Sr Powell Valley (Crushing hitter) P Michael Prewitt 6'1 175 Sr Powell Valley (Good leg when he punted) PR Matt McCoy 5'9 185 Sr Powell Valley (Good hands & hard to bring down) Second Team Offense SE Adam Delforge 5'7 160 So Pound TE Daniel Salyer 6'1 190 Sr Clintwood TE Josh Tompkins 6'3 214 Sr Pound OL Brad Honaker 5'9 195 Jr Clintwood OL Andy Stallard 5'10 215 Sr Clintwood OL Doug Gibson 6'4 240 Sr Powell Valley OL Wade Belcher 6'0 190 Jr Appalachia OL Jon Thompson 6'1 195 Jr J.J.Kelly QB Jake Stepp 6'1 175 Sr Powell Valley RB Victor Williams 5'9 195 Sr Powell Valley RB BJ Davis 5'9 185 Jr Clintwood WR Mike Sowden 6'0 170 J.I.Burton PK Brandon Green 6'1 180 Clintwood KR Jazz Coleman 5'9 165 J.I.Burton Second Team Defense DL Kendall Ward 6'4 225 Jr Coeburn DL John Salyers 6'3 230 Jr Coeburn DL Cory Davis 5'10 258 Jr Powell Valley DL David Stansbury 5'11 209 Jr Appalachia DL Josh Childress 6'5 295 Sr Clintwood LB Jason Gilly 5'10 165 Sr Powell Valley LB Elijah Roop 6'1 224 Jr J.I.Burton LB Reggie Sensabaugh 6'2 212 Sr J.I.Burton LB BJ Davis 5'9 185 Jr Clintwood DB Tim Clay 5'10 170 Jr Coeburn DB Michael Prewitt 6'1 175 Sr Powell Valley DB Anthony Gray 5'9 170 Jr Coeburn DB Jon Stanley 5'10 150 Sr Clintwood P Jeremy Fleming 6'1 170 Sr Clintwood PR Justin Hamilton 6'3 195 So Clintwood Honorable Mention Appalachia-Tyrell Hardison Sr RB/DE Appalachia-Jeremy Sullivan Sr WR/DE Appalachia-Josh Fleenor Jr FB/LB Appalachia-Ken Joyner RB/DB Clintwood-Jeremy Stallard Sr TE/DE Clintwood-Scott Kendrick Sr SE/DB Clintwood-Josh Wright Sr C/NG Clintwood-Jon McCowan C/DT Coeburn-Josh Jackson So OL/DL Coeburn-Nick Jackson Sr OL/DL Coeburn-Brandon Hale Jr QB/DB Coeburn-Josh Hill So RB/LB J.I.Burton-Greg Mays Sr C J.I.Burton-Jack Kennedy So TE/DE J.I.Burton-Jon Hunter So WR/DB J.I.Burton-Sam Keys Fr RB/DB J.I.Burton-Ryan Dorton Sr J.J.Kelly-Robbie Stinson Fr WR/DB J.J.Kelly-Bobby Ramey Jr RB/DB J.J.Kelly-Tommy Asbury Fr QB/DB Pound-Brandon Hubbard Sr RB/LB Pound-Brandon Cantrell 5'10 150 SO Powell Valley-Landry Boggs So DT Powell Valley-Derrick Clark Jr FB Powell Valley-JT Wells Jr PK Powell Valley-Tosh Barnett Jr OL/DL Powell Valley-Michael Stidham LB Offensive Back of the Year: Julius Jones - Powell Valley Offensive Lineman of the Year: Brian Chandler - Powell Valley Defensive Back of the Year: Don Dorton - Powell Valley Defensive Lineman of the Year: Shea Chapman - Powell Valley Coaching Staff of the Year: Powell Valley & Clintwood staffs Honorable Mention: Pound & Norton staffs