LPD Schedules

Appalachia Bulldogs                        Clintwood Greenwave
Aug 28  Sullivan North Tn.                 Aug 28   Twin Springs
Sept 4  J.I.Burton                         Sept 4  @ Haysi
Sept 11 @ Clintwood                        Sept 11   Appalachia
Sept 18 @ Lee High                         Sept 18 @ Honaker
Sept 25 @ J.J.Kelly                        Sept 25 @ Coeburn
Oct  2  Pound                              Oct   2   Powell Valley
Oct  9  Lebanon                            Oct   9 @ Ervinton
Oct 16  Gate City                          Oct  16   Open
Oct 23  @ Coeburn                          Oct  23 @ J.J.Kelly
Oct 30  Open                               Oct  30   J.I.Burton
Nov  6  Powell Valley                      Nov   6 @ Pound   

J.I.Burton Raiders                         J.J.Kelly Indians
Aug  28    Haysi                            Aug  28   @ Pound
Sept  4  @ Appalachia                       Sept  4   @ Coeburn
Sept 11  @ J.J.Kelly                        Sept 11     J.I.Burton
Sept 18  @ Garden                           Sept 18     Virginia High
Sept 25    Powell Valley                    Sept 25     Appalachia
Oct   2  @ Coeburn                          Oct   2     Abingdon
Oct   9    Lee High                         Oct   9   @ Honaker
Oct  16    St. Paul                         Oct  16   @ Powell Valley
Oct  23    Pound                            Oct  23     Clintwood
Oct 31   @ Clintwood                        Oct  30   @ Marion
Nov  6     Open                              Nov   6    Open

Coeburn Blue Knights                       Pound Wildcats
Aug 28    St. Paul                         Aug 28     J.J.Kelly
Sept 4    J.J.Kelly                        Sept 4   @ St. Paul
Sept 11 @ Pound                            Sept 11  @ Coeburn
Sept 18   Rye Cove                         Sept 18  @ Powell Valley
Sept 25 @ Clintwood                        Sept 25    Hurley
Oct   2   J.I.Burton                       Oct   2  @ Appalachia
Oct   9   Twin Springs                     Oct   9    Open
Oct  16   Open                             Oct  16    Garden
Oct  32   Appalachia                       Oct  23  @ J.I.Burton
Oct  30 @ Powell Valley                    Oct  30  @ Whitewood
Nov   6 @ Patrick Henry                    Nov   6   Clintwood

Powell Valley Vikings
Aug 28   @ Lee High
Sept 4   @ Radford
Sept11     Richlands
Sept18     Pound
Sept25   @ J.I.Burton
Oct  2   @ Clintwood
Oct  9     Open
Oct 16     J.J.Kelly
Oct 23     Gate City
Oct 30     Coeburn
Nov  6   @ Appalachia    

From top left-Powell Valley "D" swarms runner,Appalachia RB's Fleenor & Clark, Powell Valley TB Julius Jones
LPD Player of the Week

The LPD Report Player of the Week for October 2nd is Powell Valley
TB Julius Jones and his offensive line of Doug Gibson, Kelvin Davis,
Brian Chandler, Darby Yonce, Tosh Barnette, Aaron McKinney & Josh
Warren.This group blew open holes all evening and Julius showed he's
one the top players in the nation by running for 286 yards and 3 TD in
PV's win at Clintwood. 

                 Congratulations  Julius and the line!

Other fine performances included:

Powell Valley  DL of Matt Coughlin, Shea Chapman, Landry Boggs, &
Josh Warren who dominated the line and helped hold Justin Hamilton
to 23 yards on 14 carries.

PV LB's Matt McCoy, Don Dorton, Mike Stidham, & Jason Gilley who did 
the same.

PV cornerback Josh Callahan who had an interception and rushed for 
1 TD.

Clintwood QB Brandon Green who was 10-2- passing for 146 yds and 2 TD

Clintwood RB Justin Hamilton who caught 2 TD passes.

Clintwood WR Brad Ramey who made the Play of the Day by making a 
juggling catch to keep a drive going.

Coeburn RB Jason Nixon who turned in a 198 yd rushing night on 30
carries & 3 TD's as well as catching a TD in the Blue Knight's
win over Burton.

Coeburn RB/WR Anthony Gray who caught a TD.

Coeburn QB Brandon Hale who was 10-14 for 105 yards and 2 TD.

Burton QB Matt Ward who passed for 164 yards and 2 TD in a loss
to Coeburn.

Burton WR Jazz Coleman who hauled in a 75 yard TD pass.

Appalachia FB Josh Fleenor who rushed for 119 yards on 20 carries and 
1 TD as well as catching one TD as the Dawgs topped Pound.

Appalachia QB Brad Barnette who hit on 9 of 10 passes for 167 yards
and 3 TD.

Appalachia's Jeremy Sullivan who hauled in a 54 yd TD pass in 
addition to playing his usual game on defense.

Appalachia's Derrick Surrett who caught a 37 yard TD.

                   Congratulations everyone !!!

Aug  29 Player of the Week--Julius Jones of Powell Valley
Sept  4 Player of the Week--Julius Jones of Powell Valley
Sept 11 Player of the Week--Brandon Cantrell of Pound
                            Justin Hamilton of Clintwood
Sept 18 Player of the Week--Justin Hamilton of Clintwood
Sept 25 Player of the Week--Justin Hamilton of Clintwood
Oct  2  Player of the Week--Julius Jones and the offensive line of PV 
Oct  9  Player of the Week--
Oct  16 Player of the Week--
Oct  23 Player of the Week--
Oct  30 Player of the Week--
Nov  6 Player of the Week--
Nov  14 Player of the Week--
Nov  21 Player of the Week--
Nov  28 Player of the Week--
Dec  5 Player of the Week--

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