UK 1997-98 Basketball Schedule

Nov.11 Court Authority (exhibition)  7:30 pm  UKTV-td
Nov.18 Austrailian National (exhibition) 8:00 pm UKTV
Nov.20 Morehead St. (Macy returns) 8:00 pm UKTV
Nov.24 Maui Invitational (STRONG field here) 8:00 pm ESPN
Nov.29 @ Coaches Classic vs. Clemson (Phoenix) 7:30 pm Fox
Dec 3  Great 8 vs. Purdue (Boilers rematch) 9:30 pm ESPN
Dec 6  @ Indiana (RCA Dome revisited) 3:45 pm CBS
Dec 10 @ Canisius (Supposed to be a new arena or somthing) TBA UKTV
Dec 13 Ga. Tech (Tech finds Rupp no friendlier w/o Pitino)12: pm ESPN
Dec 20 Tulsa (Tubbys' old team no pushover)7:30 pm ESPN
Dec 23 American (Eagles take a drubbing for payday) 8:00 pm UKTV
Dec 27 Louisville (Cards have no answer for Tubby either)4:00 pm CBS
Dec 30 @ Ohio U. (WHY are we here!!??) 7:00pm UKTV
Jan 3  Vandy (Dores' usually fold in Rupp) 1:00 pm UKTV-td
Jan 6  @ UGA (Emotional game for Tubby,Saul,& G.G.)9:30 pm ESPN
Jan 10 @ Miss. St.(Dogs look to rebound from dismal 96')4:00 pm JP
Jan 13 S. Carolina (Cats wring the Roosters neck) 9:30 pm ESPN
Jan 17 Arkansas (Hogs try to break 4 game skid to UK)4:00 pm CBS
Jan 21 Bama' (Hobbs on the hot seat) 7:30 pm UKTV-td
Jan 24 @ UT (VY watches in dismay) 7:30 pm UKTV-td
Jan 27 @ Vandy (TOUGH place to play) 9:30 pm ESPN
Feb 1  Florida (Billy gathering talent as we speak) 3:30 pm ABC
Feb 4  @ LSU (Bayou Tigers rebuilding) 8:00 pm JP
Feb 8  @ Nova' (Is Lappas the worst coach in America ?) 1:00 pm CBS
Feb 11 UT (VY sits & wonders what he was thinking) 8:00 pm JP
Feb 14 Ole Miss (Rebs formidable under Evans) 12:30 pm JP
Feb 18 @ Florida (Gator crowd boistrous for a change)8:00 pm JP
Feb 22 UGA (Dawgs biteless in Rupp) 1:00 pm JP
Feb 25 @ Auburn (Cliff still trying) 8:00 pm JP
Feb 28 @ S. Carolina (East title on the line) 1:00 pm CBS
Mar 3  SEC Tournament (Pitino Inv. to be renamed Tubby Inv.) JP
Mar 10 NCAA Tournament ???? (UK zeros in on another Final 4 ) CBS